Annual General Meeting - 17 November 2021 - Voting Opens Tuesday

25 October 2021

On behalf of the Board of Directors I advise that the Annual General Meeting of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club will be convened on Wednesday 17 November 2021 at 8pm.

The Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) can be viewed here. Notwithstanding any NSW Government restrictions that may be in place at the time, the meeting will be held in the Pittwater Room at RPAYC.

Current restrictions limit the number of people allowed in each room at the Club, therefore members will be required to register to attend the AGM to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded; Members who are not able to attend the AGM in person will have the option to view the meeting via a Zoom link. Members viewing the meeting via Zoom will not be able to participate in the proceedings. Please click the buttons at the bottom of this email to register for either of these options and include your name & member number in the space provided.

The 2020/21 published Annual Report has been posted to members who requested. The full Annual Report is available for viewing by logging into the Members’ Portal on the Club’s website (select “Club Documents”). The Accounts will be presented at the meeting.

In 2021, the Club was left in an unfortunate position when the NSW Government lockdown made it impossible for RPAYC to hold an Annual General Meeting. The Club’s Constitution requires that elected officers are announced at each AGM but voting for those officers may only take place in person at the Club, which was closed. With this in mind, the Board will once again put forward a motion to change the Constitution to allow electronic voting for elected officers of the Club. The term ‘elected officers’ refers to Commodore, Vice Commodore, Directors and Rear Commodores. The proposed motion will ask members to consider a change to Article 25 of the Constitution, specifically, Rules 25.9 and 25.11. The Special Resolution is enclosed with the Notice of Meeting and eligible Full Members present at the AGM will be entitled to vote on the resolution. Any concerns or questions should be directed to Commodore Allen Stormon,

The AGM will complete the important business of the election of officers in 2021-22. A year for elected officers is the period between successive Annual General Meetings (Constitution Rule 25.2), therefore, the 2021-22 year will conclude at the next AGM, which is scheduled for July 2022. Those nominated are listed below and their profiles are appended here for your information.

Nominations for Director
Nominations for three Directors were sought this year as the three year terms of two Directors will expire at the AGM. The third Director role is a result of a mid-term resignation with one year remaining, leaving a casual vacancy position to be filled.

As there have been three nominations received for the position of Director (three year term) a ballot is required. The following members have been nominated:

  • Dr Martin Cross #04081 Antares (International 5.5 Metre)
  • Scott Robertson *incumbent* #06574 Puff (Beneteau First 40.7)
  • John Turnbull #04073 Luna Blue (Beneteau First 45)

As there have been two nominations received for the position of Director (casual vacancy – one year term) a ballot will be required. The following members have been nominated:

  • Elizabeth de Soyres #06803 Twiggy (Thompson 7)
  • Julia Hornsby #12741 Pick Pocket (Gary Mull 22)

Financial Full Members will be able to cast their vote using the pre-polling ballot box at the Club. The timetable for pre-poll voting is enclosed here. Votes must be made in person and photo identification must be presented to the Scrutineer. Voting papers must be completed and lodged immediately after collection. Please note, the ballot for election of officers will close at 6.00pm on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

Nominations for Rear Commodores
Rear Commodore nominations for a two-year term were sought as the terms of Rear Commodore Yacht Racing and Rear Commodore Membership will expire at the AGM.

As the nominations for the role of Rear Commodore Membership did not exceed the positions vacant, a ballot is not required and it is therefore advised that, Rear Commodore Membership for 2021-23 will be:
Robert Alpe #13191 Gunner Goodwin (Beneteau First 34.7)

There were no nominations received for the role of Rear Commodore Yacht Racing. Therefore, in accordance with Constitution Rules 25.8 and 31.6, the Chairman of the AGM shall call for nominations of qualified members at the Annual General Meeting to fill this vacancy (two year term). A proposer and seconder will be required at the meeting for each nominated candidate and, if there is more than one nominee, a ballot will be conducted at the AGM. Only Full members may nominate or act as a proposer or seconder.

Voting on the other items of business on the Notice will take place at the meeting.

Please note all members 18 years and over who are financial, are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting. In accordance with the Constitution Rule 3.2, voting is restricted to Full members (including, for the avoidance of doubt, Full Ordinary Members, Life Members, Senior 60/30 Member, Senior 70/40 Members, Continuing Senior Members and Full Intermediate Members) who must be financial at the time of voting. By way of clarification, your account balance as at 30 September 2021 must be paid in full in order to attend the meeting. If you are uncertain regarding the status of your account, please contact Club Reception, ph: 9998 3700.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Yours sincerely,
Craig Evans
General Manager / Club Secretary

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