Aircalin Match Racing Cup 2022

Congratulations to the YD Sailors returning from New Caledonia! 

Last week saw the entire 10 sailors of the 2022 Youth Development squad compete at the Aircalin Match Racing Cup out of the Cercle Nautique Calédoinien in Noumea. 

The racing was sailed on the CNC’s brand-new fleet of J70s just offshore. It provided a real challenge for our sailors to step out of their comfort zone and race a class they haven’t sailed before, let alone match raced. Both crews struggled to get points on the board in the first two days in the round robin and couldn’t overcome that inertia. Consequently, they both failed to qualify for the quarter finals, leaving them to fight it out in the 9-11 sail-offs.  

The RPAYC was represented by some of the youngest sailors in the event, with more than half the other crews being in open category. We may have been out-classed this event, but we are confident that they will soon be able to match these sailors on the racecourse.  

The sailors presented the CNC with a burgee at the closing ceremony and were returned with one on leaving day. 

A huge thank to Coach Rob Brewer, Rear Commodore Mat Butterworth and father Scott Wallace for travelling with the crews and keeping them out of trouble. Thank you also to our very own Ted Anderson for being the Race Officer for the event.  

D’Arcy Kemp said this of the event, “it was a fantastic opportunity for the squad to travel together and have some hard learnings about just what it takes mechanically and psychologically to perform at such a high level of competition. We all thank the Alfreds for the opportunity to represent the club at this event”. 

RPAYC Teams 

9th: D’Arcy Kemp (skipper), Daniel Kemp (main), Hugo Butterworth (trim), Hannah McCutcheon (bow) and Orlando Springer (float) 

10th: Thomas Rees (skipper), Sophie Aitken (main), Lachie Wallace (trim), Josh Paulson (bow) and Charlie Verity (float).