Ahoy from Afar - Waterfront Department

The Waterfront team wishes to assure Members with boats on the marina, Club moorings and across Club facilities, that during the lockdown we have been undertaking our ‘Boat Check Service’.   As the restrictions will be in place until the end of August we have extended this service to include a check of Member boats on private moorings within the tender zone.

Our Boat Check service for facility holders is undertaken with the utmost diligence and includes an external visual check (where applicable) of the following;

  • Mooring Lines; in place, show no sign of chaffing and adequate to withstand high loads
  • Cleats and attachment points for strength and integrity
  • Stow away and tie down any loose gear (including lifebuoys, cushions etc)
  • Dinghies on davits or deck; free draining and securely lashed
  • Check hatches are secure
  • Self-furling sails and covers are secure

In the event we identify a problem (we can’t readily fix), where damage is found or if we have a concern regarding the condition of the mooring lines, I’ll be in touch.  Members are welcome to contact me if you require a check of any particular part of your boat, photos or would like to video call with us to inspect yourself let me know.  Time and resource permitting we’ll help out and accommodate requests any way that we can in order to give Members peace of mind until the restrictions are eased.

Be safe and we look forward to welcoming Members back to the Club soon.

Kylie Brown
Marine Services & Operations Manager
email: kylie.brown@rpayc.com.au