A message from the Boatyard Operations Manager - Joe Schreiner

Message from Boatyard Operations Manager:

As we begin spring, September is my sixth month of being in the position of Boatyard Operations Manager.

Firstly, I wish to thank all of the members for welcoming my family and I to the club. We have just moved interstate and appreciate your hospitality.

I would also like to take this opportunity to explain the booking process for the boatyard.We have eight bays and two cradles. The boatyard is constrained by space and we can only accept 6 yachts 40 feet or longer each week, totaling 10 boats at a time. Members receive priority when booking and we are working towards a goal of members making up 80% of our bookings.

Previously yachts coming up for antifouling were scheduled in for only two days. We are recommending each yacht stay on the hardstand for an extra day, to allow time for the boatyard team to fully sand and prepare the hull and to allow the appropriate time for the antifoul to cure. After painting, if I can press my finger into the antifoul, it has not fully cured, and it will get printed by the travel lift slings when we lift the vessel. We want to ensure the antifoul has hardened prior to launching, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We are currently taking bookings for antifouling in December, and I would strongly recommend booking your preferred time for 2024 now to accommodate your sailing schedule.

I look forward to meeting all of the members who have upcoming bookings and wish everyone the best of luck sailing this summer!