Boatyard Faq - RPAYC

Boatyard FAQ's

What Is Included In Your Antifoul Package?
Package inclusions: Lift, waterblast, wetrub, antifoul (we spray 2 full coats & a 3rd around the leading edges & waterline), 2 days on the hardstand, launch, environment levy and a complimentary acid wash on the topsides
Antifoul options: International Paint Ultra 2, Altex No5, International Paint Micron Extra


How Much Antifoul Do You Spray Onto My Boat?
We spray 2 full coats & a 3rd around the leading and trailing edges & waterline


Do You Deliver Vessels?
Yes. We drive vessels from the Club’s Marina or from the work berths located near the travelift. We give you a call the day before your lift to advise of your lift time. If you deliver your boat we also offer complimentary berthing. Please advise at the time of your booking that you require a berth and the Club to drive it around on the day of lift.


Do You Have Lifts For Short Turn Around Work, Pre Purchase Or Insurance Renewal Surveys?
Yes we have a service called a Quickslip which is an hour hang in the slings. Depending on the work requirements we can also offer an extended hang in slings i.e. anything over an hour to overnight. Please contact the Boatyard Office for price and availability


How Do I Pay If I Am Unable To Be There On The Day Of Launch?
At the time of booking we will send you a confirmation email and attached will be an agreement form. If you are a Non-Member you will complete the bottom of this form with your credit card details. We do offer B-payment or eftpos as an alternative, as long as we have your credit card on file. We send you a detailed invoice on day of launch and offer you 5 days to complete the transfer via Bpay. If we haven’t received your payment within this period, we will then charge your supplied credit card.


Can I Do My Own Work?
As a full member you are very welcome to work on your boat yourself so long as our conditions are met. Please email the Boatyard office for price and availability


Can I Do My Own Waterblasting?
No. Club staff are the only ones authorised to operate the water blaster for insurance reasons with personal water blasters not permitted on the yard


I Would Like To Stay on at The Alfred’s Marina After My Antifoul.
We offer a complimentary berth pre lift and post launch. If you would like to stay longer please advise at the time of your booking or by contacting the Waterfront Office requesting a casual berth. Please call 9998 3741 or email


I Need To Do Some Work To The Underside Of My Keel. Can You Hang My Boat In The Slings So I Can Access It?
Yes we can with prior arrangement, travelift cost is $250 per hour.


Do You Sell Antifoul?

Yes we do. Please contact the Boatyard office for cost and availability