16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

2019 Laser 4.7 World Youth Championships – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

What an experience Canada was. A trip filled with learning, hard racing and good times. 

As we arrived in Kingston I was filled with excitement and some expected nerves as it was my first international regatta. After meeting all the kids on the Aussie team, I settled in and felt more comfortable as they were all so outgoing and friendly. Setting up the charter was a breeze and within no time I was out there with the team training hard to gather as much information about the venue as I could. The conditions varied but was, for the majority of the time, a light 8 knot thermal breeze which was highly shifty and unpredictable. It was great because we were able to do practice races with some other countries such as Singapore, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland giving me the opportunity to race against new athletes.

After the 5 days of training we had 2 rest days where the team went for a walk to the pier, went to get lunch and did more team bonding. At the end of the rest days we had the opening ceremony. It was such a surreal feeling wearing the Australian gear, representing my country and my club RPAYC. The opening ceremony was great as our gear was highly desired by the athletes from other countries (especially the inflatable kangaroos!) so we were able to meet more new people and the whole night was so much fun.

The next morning was racing. Day 1 was considerably light air, gusting to 7 knots. The race committee sent us out and managed to start a race. I was in the lead until they abandoned racing because of the lack of wind which left me disappointed but impressed with my performance. The race committee ended up sending us in meaning no racing day 1.

Day 2 rolled around and that morning I was eager to head out as there was a 15 knot sea breeze forecast which ended up being 20 gusting 25 knots. This was my favourite day of racing as the heavy wind made the racing fitness based. Especially because the race committee decided on 3 races to make up for no racing on day 1.  Whoever got fatigued the least was getting good results. My results for the day were a 21, 19 and 18 which I was thrilled with. These results put me in 36th after day 2. All the hard work with Tana at Sail Fit really paid off!

2019 John Messenger Women’s Match Racing Regatta - Costanzo 2nd Place

CYCA triumphs at John Messenger Women’s Match Racing Regatta

Jess Tavener, Emma Byrne, India Howard (skipper), Angelique Kear, Jess Grimes and Peter Messenger (Messenger family representative). Credit - CYCA

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s (CYCA) India Howard, Jess Grimes, Emma Byrne, Jess Tavener and Ange Kear have won the 2019 John Messenger Women’s Match Racing Regatta which has been run annually since 1996, defeating Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's Juliet Costanzo 2-0 in the finals.

Before Howard and Costanzo reached the finals, the two Australian teams had to beat their cross Tasman rivals from New Zealand, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS), whom secured two semi-final berths and finished in third and fourth after the round robin.

In the first semi-final, round robin winner Juliet Costanzo chose to race RNZYS's Emma Hyde and defeated her 2-0. Costanzo was the clear leader after the round robin, winning thirteen of her fourteen races.

This left another Australia versus New Zealand semi-final, matching India Howard who finished second after the round robin on 12-2, to race Megan Thomson who completed the round robin with a sore card of 11-3. Their semi-final went to the third and final race with Howard coming back from 0-1 down to win 2-1.

In the finals, Howard and her team executed stronger starts and converted both early leads to race victories to secure their first John Messenger Women’s Match Racing Regatta title.

“We are really pleased with how the weekend went. We developed as a team throughout the regatta and got it all together for the final. It’s a fantastic result for us,” commented Howard after racing.

In the seventh and eights sail off, their was an upset victory with RNZYS’s Brooke Adamson, who was previously without a race victory, winning the sail off 2-1. In the fifth and sixth sail off, Maddie O’Shea beat CYCA’s Chelsea Williams 2-1 to take fifth place.

Final placings:

1.       India Howard – Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

2.       Juliet Costanzo – Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

3.       Megan Thomson – Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

4.       Emma Hyde - Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

5.       Maddie O’Shea – Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

6.       Chelsea Williams – Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

7.       Brooke Adamson - Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

8.       Tanya Kelly – Mooloolaba Yacht Club

Still time to buy a 5.5m for the Worlds in January 2020!

There is still time to buy a 5.5m for the Worlds coming up from the 3rd January to 13th January 2020 at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club.   There will be more and more boats arriving over the next few weeks and there are many club members that have already bought boats to compete.  There are now 14 RPAYC boats that are being worked up for the Worlds!  These are:


Classics Pre 1970:
Kings Cross

Evolutions 1970-1993:
Arunga X
Shank (new name not known yet)

Moderns Post 1994
Alpha Crucis
Ku-Ring-Gai 2
Beta Crucis 

There is still plenty of time to join the throng as there are many 5.5ms that are for sale.  Please see the for sale lists below.  It is easy to look up the history of any 5.5m on the class database by just searching the name or sail number https://5.5inventory.org/  

Hoegh Autoliners are one of our major sponsors and are offering inexpensive RoRo shipping from Europe of 5.5ms to Australia for the Worlds (around $5.5K).   The last dates to ship from Europe in time for the Worlds is the end of October.  So there has never been a better to look and consider joining us for the Worlds!

After the Worlds the 5.5m you will have a great club boat.  Easy to sail with a self tacking jib and requiring only 2-3 crew.  Remember you never really own a 5.5m you just look after it for the next generation!

If you need any more information on any of the boats or contact details email General Boat Enquires link here https://www.5.5class.org/contact

Click Here to view all boats for sale 

Australians prepped and ready for 5.5 Metre World Championship

In little more than four months’ time, the 5.5 Metre Class World Championship 2020 and its lead-in events will be heading to Pittwater, where the locals are prepped, ready and excited for what lies ahead at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC) hosted event. 
To be held from 9-13 January, 15 years on from the last time the 5.5 Metre Worlds was held in Australia, the Scandinavian Gold Cup, Alfreds Gold Cup, the Royal Kaag Classic Cup and Hanko Evolution Cup will take place beforehand. 
Early on, 14 boats are already entered. They represent five nations, including The Bahamas, Italy, Germany, UK and of course, Australia. Interest has also been received from Norway, France and Switzerland among others.   
And as we go to press, two brand new boats, expected to make their Worlds debut in Australia, are nearing completion at the Wilke boatyard in Switzerland.   
Multiple former world champions and runners-up, plus top placegetters from the 2019 Worlds, will escape their European winter for Down Under to take part in what will no doubt be a memorable event, both on and off the water. 
It remains to be seen whether the winner will come from the local or international pool of talent. Statistics usually point to those who know the waters like the backs of their hands; in other words, a local. But not always.
To that end, look no further than successful RPAYC one-design sailor, John Bacon, with his crew of Terry Wetton and James Mayjor (Ku-Ring-Gai). In early August, the trio arrived home from the Worlds in Helsinki, Finland armed with the Evolution Worlds Trophy (5.5M’s built from 1970 to 1983) and Hanko Evolution Cup, having dominated both events. 
Fellow RPAYC member, Martin Cross and crew of Bob Stoddard and Martin Bunch (Beta Crucis), also sailed well, scoring victory in one race to finish ninth overall. 
Cross, who doubles as the Australian class president, commented: "The 5.5M class has an amazingly talented and friendly group of sailors. However, like any top class, mistakes on the course are punished and you rapidly fall down the fleet. 
Bob, Martin and I, as a newly formed crew in a new boat, were very encouraged to win a race at the recent Worlds, but consistently is the name of the game. We now have a few months to train on the water, tune up the crew and the boat to improve our performance on the Palm Beach Circle in January."
Australia has a rich history in the class that made its Olympic debut in 1952. At the 1964 Tokyo Games, RPAYC member Bill Northam and crew won the nation’s first Olympic gold medal, with Barranjoey. In their honour, Australian Sailing began awarding the ‘Barranjoey pin’ to athletes who help create Australia’s proud and successful history in the sport. 
Norman Booth (Southern Cross III) took Silver at the 1965 Worlds, and in 1970, Olympian David Forbes won the Worlds with Carabella. Booth came back in 1974 with Southern Cross IV, to win the Worlds in Sydney.  
Frank Tolhurst fit in short sailing stints around business and incredibly won the 1976 Worlds with Arunga. He won a second time in 1978 (Arunga III) and twice finished second; in 1980 and 1981. There were others, but it has been a gold drought for Australia since Roy Tutty (Rhapsody) won in 1981.
The Australian International 5.5 Metre Association extends a warm invitation to any past and present Australian 5.5M sailors who have competed at previous Worlds or Gold Cups to join them on Friday, 3 January, at the RPAYC for the Scandinavian Gold Cup, ‘Alfreds’ Gold Cup, Kaag Cup and Hanko Cup opening Cocktail Party.   
Attendees will have an opportunity to re-acquaint with old friends, share stories and see the latest 5.5M designs before the start of the Scandinavian Gold Cup the next day. Contact Martin Cross, the Australian class president for more details and to book your place: martin.g.cross@gmail.com 
“We invite the old and new Australian legends of the 5.5m class to come and take part; let’s make it a great showing against the internationals,” Cross says.
For those wishing to emulate some of the 'legends' in the 5.5 Metre there is still time to buy a boat, and if necessary, ship it to Australia at extremely competitive rates, courtesy of Worlds major sponsor Hoegh Autoliners.   
Please see boats for sale at: https://www.5.5class.org/boats-for-sale 
Shipping information and prices (final shipping date from Antwerp Belgium to get to the Worlds in time will be around the end of October): https://www.5.5class.org/single-post/2019/08/08/Newsletter-4-Australian-Gold-Cup-and-Worlds.  
Online entry, Notice of Race and all information: https://www.rpayc.com.au/sailing/5-5m-world-champ-2020
Di Pearson, 5.5 Metre Worlds media
Further media information:  Di Pearson, phone: 0410 792 131
About Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club is based on Pittwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels. There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel and parking is plentiful. For more information, go to: https://www.rpayc.com.au/ 
Close up action at the 2019 Worlds in Helsinki - Robert Deaves pic                                                                          Martin Cross at the helm of Beta Crucis at the 2019 Worlds - Robert Deaves pic   

Alfred's Sailors compete in New Caledonia

The Alfred’s was represented by two teams last week over in New Caledonia, for the Aircalin Match Racing Regatta, held out of the New Caledonia Yacht Club (CNC).

Niall Powers led his youth (under 23) team with YD sailors Antony Hawke, Jasmine Bridge and Cam Whiteside.

Club yachtsman of the year Chris Way has also decided to have a bit of a dabble, trying his hand in match racing, after enjoying it so much in the clubs prestigious David Lukins Memorial Regatta.

Crewing for Chris is Thomas Brewer and Andrew “Rob” Hudson.

Day 1 got underway in an 18 knot south easterly.

Ted Anderson, (the race officer) made it clear to be prepared for a long day, and it certainly ended up being the case. With 26 flights in the round robin, the racing continued from 1000hrs through to 1730hrs, with 13 flights been completed.

Powers and his team had a pleasing day with 3 wins and 2 losses. The last race of the day proved to be a nail biter with Powers and his crew undertaking a penalty turn right on the finish line to win by the smallest of margins. “Not a faultless day for us, but all in all it’s been very encouraging the way we have started to build as a team” commented a reflective Powers.

Chris Way and his team were exciting to watch , with sudden strokes of brilliance and some other “interesting” manoeuvres. One such moment was receiving his first ever Black Flag, when Tom Picot CNC got three penalty turns on him in the prestart.

However, Chris managed to then produce an upset in the next match by beating the top ranked youth crew from the RNZYS to finish the day with 3wins and 3 losses.

By the end of the first-round robin, both RPAYC teams had managed to make the top 8 out of the 13 entrants, qualifying as the only Australian teams to do so.

Both Powers and Way were tied on points, however since Way beat Powers in the tie-break, he got to nab 7th seed spot.

Both teams had challenging quarter finals, with neither team able to progress to the semi-finals, however both teams showed promise during these matches, leading around the course at times.

In the end Powers got to vs Way again for the 7-8 sail off, with Way crossing the line first, only to be notified that he started early, thus giving Niall Powers and his team bragging rights at the Alfred’s and also top Australians.

Local team led by Tom Picot ended up winning the regatta in both the open and youth category.

We hopefully look forward to welcoming Tom Picot for the Alfred’s prestigious Harken Youth Match Racing Regatta in November this year.

Full Results Here




Nathan Bryant - RYA Youth National Championship - Nacra 15 Class

Following the Nacra 15 Nationals and Australian Youth Championships in Hobart, my skipper moved out of the class and I was offered the opportunity to sail with Georgia Payne. This is a great opportunity the only downside was that she lives and trains in Mandurah south of Perth. We have been getting in as much training as we can, given the difficult commute from one side of the country to the other, but along with our coach Mikael Lundh, we have developed a great team. 

We headed over to the UK in early April to compete in our first regatta together – the RYA Youth National Championships which were being held at WPNSA, the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. We started the regatta with what looked to be a top 3 result but due to a little mix up with marks, we got a Retired along with the other Aussie team and our German training partners. Once we got that little hurdle out of the way, we started putting in a solid score card in the mixed conditions. An incident at the top mark with a 420 led to a capsize, helmet and boat damage, but worse was the 12th place we ended up with. That came back to hurt us at the end of the regatta, when we were in medal position on the last day but jumped the gun in the penultimate race and got a UFD. The committee said it was literally millimetres over, but over is over. At the end of the regatta, we were 4th overall, a result we were stoked with, but a bit sad about what could have been.

Did I say it was cold! It was very cold. Each time you got hit by a wave it took your breath away!

After this regatta and more hard training we were lucky enough to followed it up with another trip to Europe this time we took part in the in Holland, the Dutch Youth Regatta in Workum, Netherlands. Competing with my new skipper Georgia we took to the water in 17 races against a 42-strong fleet made up of the best youth Nacra teams from across 15 participating countries, where 4 of the nations competing used this as the qualifying regatta for the Youth Worlds position. After a tough few days of racing and continual focus on the challenges on the race course,  Georgia and I took out first place overall  to take the gold medal. Our victory included five first-place finishes, three seconds and a third, enough to fend off teams from Germany and France who finished just behind us. The Dutch Youth Regatta was so much fun and is one of the largest sailing events in Europe, and acts as event two of the Nacra 15 European Super Series. Their victory provides them with the perfect platform to launch into the Nacra 15 Open World Championships, where they will again compete in Marseille, France in October.

We have a full schedule of training throughout the rest of the year competing in these international regattas when we can so that when the Nationals and Youths in Melbourne start at the start of 2020 we are ready with everything we have learnt over the year to do our best and hopefully grab the World Youths spot. Thank you so much for supporting us, helping and encouraging us to get out on the water and do our best!

 Nathan Bryant and Georgia Payne

Sydney to Auckland News

Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race 2021: Centrepiece of major summer international events

13 Sep 2019

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                         12 September, 2019 To start on Sydney Harbour at 1pm on 30 January 2021, the inaugural Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race 2021, organised by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht...

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Media Release - Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race - Notice of Race Published

26 Jul 2019

 Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race 2021Media Release – 26 July 2019   The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron are excited to announce that the Notice of Race for the...

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Sydney to Auckland Yacht Race 2021

07 Jun 2019

View this email in your browserSydney to Auckland Yacht Race 2021Media Release – 7th June 2019   The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron are excited to...

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NSW Laser State Titles

11 Nov 2019

Georges River hosted a large fleet of Lasers for the NSW States. There were several RPA members entered across all 3 divisions enjoying some fantastic conditions on both days of...

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Annual Shore Power Lead ‘Test & Tag’ – Complimentary Service

09 Nov 2019

Unlike household electrical wiring, the electrical wiring and equipment onboard your vessel resides in a corrosive marine environment that requires regular inspection and maintenance.  The Club is committed to providing a...

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Melbourne Cup 2019

05 Nov 2019

What a fantastic Melbourne Cup Event we had here at the Club. With thanks to the organising committee, our MC John Lane Smith, members and staff who all worked hard...

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Berth, Mooring and Locker Availability

05 Nov 2019

The Club seeks expressions of interest from Members who may like to take up a berth, mooring or sail locker at the Club.Current AvailabilityBerthLOCATIONMAX LENGTHMAX WIDTHMAX DRAFTA440’4.4m1.8mA840’4.3m A1542’4.3m A1643’4.2m C1335’4.3m Locker #29Location MoonbarMooring #3Length...

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MC38 Class Act 6

04 Nov 2019

Media Release                                                                                    4 November 2019 Event: MC38 2019 Season Act 6, November 2-3 hosted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club with racing on Sydney Harbour MC38 Act 6 to Ginger and season pointscore...

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Flying Ant NSW States Round 1

04 Nov 2019

6 RPAYC centerboard sailors travelled to Lake Macquarie for Round 1 of the Flying Ant NSW States. 5 of the 6 of them were new to the class with this...

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World Sailing has confirmed the appointment of Richard Slater (AUS) as the Chief Umpire of the 36th America's Cup

01 Nov 2019

 World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, and the Defender and Challenger of Record of the 36th America's Cup presented by Prada have reached agreement for the next...

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Upskill your Sailing with Race Seminars & On Water Training

01 Nov 2019

Free: Upskilling Race Seminars & On Water Training - A Must for AllCome along to the new RPAYC Upskilling Race Seminars & Expert Coaching led by Rob Brown for keelboats. Remaining Dates:...

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Ensign Yachts at RPAYC

31 Oct 2019

Ensign Yachts moves into the digital age as it expands, bringing brokers to youEnsign Yachts will be leaving its office near the chandlery.  It is, however, not leaving the RPAYC. ...

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There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

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