16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


Covid-19 - Maritime update from the BiA & MiA

The BIA has today 15 April received confirmation from Transport for NSW Maritime that under current COVID-19 restrictions in NSW the following applies: 

  • A person can pick up a boat from a dealer, broker or person that they have purchased it from and tow it home as it is considered a reasonable excuse under obtaining goods and services as is taking it to a dealer or broker to offer it for sale.
  • A person can drive to a dealership or retail store to pick up boat equipment under the obtaining goods and services excuse.
  • A person can access their vessel at a marina or on a mooring to check on systems and to make sure it is safe and compliant in line with undertaking legal obligations.
  • A person can take their vessel (by water or road)  to a marina or boat shed for repairs or service under obtaining goods and services and likewise return it home or to its mooring or marina.

This update provides some clarity to both business and public, especially as there have been cases of Police intercepting people and issuing warnings that their travel is unlawful, while travelling by water to boat yards for service, maintenance or repair. Transport for NSW is to update their website to reflect this information in due course.


Happy Easter - Trading Hours

Easter Long Weekend Hours

Good Friday 10th April - CLOSED
* The club will be closed on Good Friday.
* The tender service will operate between 8am - 5pm. For tender service telephone 0427 477 854.
Easter Saturday 11th April - Easter Monday 13th April
* Tender Service & Reception (via telephone 9998 3700) 8am - 5pm
* Food & Beverage (takeaway: coffee, ready made meals, beverages) 9am - 5pm
Keen to order ahead or view the takeaway options -

COVID-19 Update: NSW advice on boating restrictions

Dear Members,

This afternoon both RPAYC and RMYC were contacted by Broken Bay Water Police asking us to advise our members that they can not stay overnight anchored or moored on your boat even if it’s only 2 persons. They advise that you can go out on your boat briefly but can not stop to have a bite to eat or sleep. Those not complying with regulations and directions of the police may be fined.

Whilst the message to ‘Stay at Home and only go out if essential’ remains in place, Transport for NSW has also just updated its information for boating to show what activity is permitted and not permitted under the restrictions.

Significantly, there is advice that access to your vessel or mooring to maintain or service it, is permitted under the social distancing restrictions. This is considered undertaking legal obligations or obtaining goods or services.

Details of the announcement are available here.

If in doubt, don’t go out!

Stay at Home this Easter.


Craig Evans
General Manager, RPAYC  

Update from the General Manager 8/04/2020

Dear Members,

I trust that you are well and coping with the current situation, however, if you find that you are in need of anything that we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

A few days ago there was confusion about the use of boats during this time as non-essential travel is not permitted. The requirement to stay home appeared to exclude all forms of recreational boating. In recent announcements there have been some opportunities provided that allow us to get out on the water. Exercise is included as being essential and therefore sailing, fishing, paddling, kayaking, etc. is permitted. We are grateful for these boating opportunities that we have been provided with, however it does not mean that it is ‘business as usual’ and it is really important that boating is done in strict compliance with the regulations that have been put in place or we risk tighter restrictions being imposed.

Easter is normally a time when many of us think of heading away in the boat for a few days. This Easter is different. Our Prime Minister has asked us to “stay at home” and it is really important at this time that we follow those instructions to reduce the community transmission of the virus.

Additionally, while off-the-beach sailing is a great form of exercise, gathering on the lawn is prohibited.  I urge you to be mindful and observe social distancing requirements while rigging and packing up the boat on the centreboard lawn.  If there are too many other people on the lawn area please delay your activity until it is less busy.

There has been a very good graphic put together by the Boating Industry Association that explains what is allowed and also reminds boat owners of the social distancing requirements currently in place. Please take a moment to study that image and also read the following advice that the BIA has provided:  -

Stay Home.  Only go boating if you determine it meets the criteria of essential travel. If you do, only go out boating by observing the Health advice and regulations in your State which may include:

  • getting essential supplies such as food (for example this includes fishing in NSW) and groceries (return home without delay)
  • taking physical exercise in non-powered craft such as paddling and sailing is permitted in NSW
  • complying with your legal obligations that includes life safety, environmental protection and property protection associated with your boat.

If you are boating for a legitimate reason in NSW, you must:

  • only go out on your own or with one other person or with ‘people of the same household going out together’
  • keep at least 1.5m apart from people you do not live with which includes no gathering or rafting up
  • wash your hands before and after any time there is contact with shared surfaces for example when fuelling or at any other time you come in contact with any hard surface outside the family home
  • take the most direct route to the water and only boat locally
  • wear a lifejacket, especially if solo
  • remember You’re the Skipper – You’re Responsible
  • follow the official advice so boating is seen as part of the solution and recovery, and not a problem to be banned.

The rules around permissible activities are constantly changing and if you are unclear it is better to stay home than risk spreading or catching the disease or getting a fine.

Our Boatyard remains open and our team and the tenants are here to assist with repairs and servicing of vessels. It is essential that vessels are maintained not only to look after your asset but also to protect the environment. Travel from your place of berthing to the boatyard for servicing the vessel is allowed.

The waterfront staff are continuing to keep a close eye on member’s vessels and again we ask if you have any specific needs that you would like our team to perform please give the Club a call or email waterfront@rpayc.com.au

Our tender service continues to operate during these times, albeit with some restrictions in place regarding the number of passengers. Please contact the Club if you require further information or would like to book the tender.

Our ‘Grab & Go’ take away option is pleasing many members and is available 7 days a week for your benefit. Please find details in the Club’s newsletter, website or call the Club if you would like further details.

With no formal yacht racing currently allowed our Sailing Office team have set up a series of virtual racing events and our initial trial of this last Saturday was very successful. Details on how you can be involved as a participant or as a spectator are in today’s Newsletter.

Please look after yourself and those around you. I hope that you have a happy and safe Easter.


Kind regards,

Craig Evans

General Manager

RPAYC Virtual Regatta

The RPAYC eSailing Series April 2020 is here with racing Saturday 4th April - Wednesday 29th April.

For all information including NOR, SI, Amendements and some help with how to get to the training page and a useful video on how to get to the race page CLICK HERE.

See you on the race course.

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