16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

Become A Member of The RPAYC

Welcome to Membership at The RPAYC!

Thank you for considering membership of The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. The Club offers various categories of membership to suit individual requirements and offers families an opportunity to enjoy the facilities with children free when included in a family membership package. 


  •    Full Ordinary - for all boat owners
  •    Full Family – boat owner, spouse (if applicable) and children aged 6-21
  •    General - for non-boat owners
  •    General Family – non boat owner, spouse (if applicable) and children aged 6-21
  •    General Intermediate (for ages 22 -29) - for boat and non-boat owners
  •    Spouse - for spouse/partner of Full and or General members
  •    Youth - children aged 6-21

♦ Please note that non-boat owners may also join as Full members if they wish

Other Forms


JOINING FEES (GST inclusive)

     Full member


    General member & General Intermediate members


   Spouse members

   No joining fee

   Youth members

   No joining fee


Membership category

Annual subscription fee

* House


**Youth Competition Support Fund


Full member (Obligatory for Boat owners)





General (Non-boat owner)





General Intermediate 22-26





General Intermediate 27-29





Spouse (partner of Full or General member)





Youth (age 6 to 21) 






If you are interested in a Family package, please contact the RPAYC Membership Coordinator on
02 9998-3705 or speak with our friendly Reception staff. Children’s subscriptions are free when included in a family package. They will still be required to pay the annual YCSF annual charge of $60.


* House Entitlement (HE) & ** Youth Competition Support Fund (YCSF) explained

  HE- The House Entitlement is to encourage members to support the Club’s food and beverage operations.     The HE is invoiced in two transactions.  $110.00 invoiced at the end of April and $110.00 invoiced at the end of   October.  Once the invoice is paid, the HE can be redeemed through purchases charged to member accounts   (including Sailfit Gym membership fees and any Club courses that members may enrol in).  The HE expires on   30 April.  If you make no F & B purchases within the year the HE is forfeited.

  YCSF - The Youth Competition Support Fund is an internal fund to assist RPAYC Youth members in the     pursuit of excellence when representing the RPAYC in external competitions.


Sailfit Gym Membership - To cover the costs of the Sailfit Gym, members wishing to join the gym will be required to pay an annual access fee (May to April), which is billed in May each year.  Members are required to undertake an induction prior to using the Fitness Centre.

    Annual Fees:

   Full member $173             
   Full Family $473
   General & Intermediate members $300
   General Family $600
   Youth member $173



The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.

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