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16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


30 years ago RPAYC Honorary Member Kay Cottee sailed into the History Books

Yesterday was 30 years ago that aboard the 37 foot yacht, Blackmores First Lady, Kay Cottee (RPAYC Honorary Member) conquered more challenges than many of us face in a lifetime, and in doing so, she became an inspiration for generations to come. Alone at sea for 189 days and 32 minutes, she sailed back into Sydney Harbour on 5 June 1988 having logged 22,100 miles (or 35,566km) at an average speed of 116.93 miles per day. The voyage was completed without touching land, and without any form of outside aid apart from radio contact. What an inspiration!!


Full Report here as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Call for Nominations for Elected Officers 2018

The nominations for Elected Officers for 2018/19 will open on Tuesday 5 June 2018. Members interested in standing for any of the elected roles may collect a Nomination Form from the General Manager, which must be returned by the closing time, which is no later than midday on Monday 25 June 2018.

The Commodore (Michael Lockley) and the Vice Commodore (Ron Palmer) have each completed one year of a three year term.

Directors James Bullough and Warwick Welch have completed two years of their three year term.

Directors Norman Weaver and William Ebsary will be completing a full three year term concluding in July 2018. As each have completed only one three year term, Norman Weaver and William Ebsary are entitled to stand again however both Directors have notified the Chairman of their decision not to re-stand. The Club thanks Norm and Bill for their service and dedication.

Thus there are two Director vacancies available for nomination. The term will be July 2018 – July 2021.

Rear Commodore Yacht Racing, Allen Stormon and Rear Commodore Membership, Elizabeth de Soyres have both completed one year of a two year term.

Rear Commodore Activities, Salvatore Ridulfo, has served three of a maximum four consecutive years as Rear Commodore as at July 2018 and will not re-stand for this role.

Rear Commodore Cruising, Leon Wilson and Rear Commodore Centreboard, David Taylor have each completed one two year term concluding in July 2018. Leon Wilson and David Taylor are entitled to stand again for a further two year term should they wish to nominate.

Only FULL FINANCIAL MEMBERS may nominate. The Club Constitution (Rule 23.1B) states that at least two Elected Directors as well as the Commodore and Vice Commodore are required to own at least 25% of a Sailing Yacht on the Club's Register of Vessels on the date or dates that they nominate for and are elected or appointed to office. Therefore, as Warwick Welch owns a Sailing Yacht and James Bullough does not, at least one of the two elected Directors must own 25% of a Sailing Yacht. In the event a ballot is required, the nominee with the highest number of votes will be elected as the first Director. In the event that the first elected Director is not a Sailing Yacht owner, the nominee with the next most votes who owns a Sailing Yacht will be elected.

The Club Constitution (Rule 31.2b) states that all Rear Commodore positions require the nominee to own at least 25% of a Sailing Yacht on the Club’s Register of Vessels at the date of nomination, with the exception of the Rear Commodore Centreboard who is required to provide evidence of involvement in Centreboard activities for the 3 preceding years.

Further information regarding qualifications and duties are outlined in the RPAYC Constitution which can be accessed in the Members section of the RPAYC website (refer Rules 23 and 31). Copies are also available at Reception.

Where more than one nomination is received, a ballot will be taken and voting times will be published. Voting will take place at the Club at nominated times, in the lead up to and at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 at 8.00pm and results of any ballot will be announced at the meeting.

The Halyards Bar will be open prior to and following the AGM.
Alfred’s Table will offer a two course meal at two sittings - 6pm and 6.30pm.
It is essential to pre-book your meal choice through Reception when you book.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Suzanne Davies
Company Secretary & General Manager


Daniel Links - Bermuda Optimist Report

RPAYC Junior Member Daniel Links was selected to represent Australia & RPAYC at the Junior Gold Cup. His report is below:

1 person from some of the top countries got invited to compete in the Optimist Junior Gold Cup. This year I was chosen to travel to Bermuda and sail in this regatta. It has been the best regatta I have ever been to and a great experience.

On the 6th of May I landed at the Bermuda national airport, this was after a lot of travel including 29 hours on the plane and at the airports of Los Angeles, New York (which we stayed in for a few days as my mums best friend and my Godmother lives there) and then to Bermuda. The water looked amazing as it was light green and blue and there were many reefs and we could see the whole island out of the plane and we realised how small it was. We got picked up by my host family at about 2pm as I was getting billeted and we dropped off my mum at where she was staying, a little seaside guest house called Salt Kettle. The person I was staying with was the 2nd best Opti sailor in Bermuda, his name was Sebastian Kempe, his mum and dad were amazing and they had two dogs and two cats.

I trained for 2 days before the regatta with the Bermuda coach and the other international sailors because all the Bermuda people had to go to school. The international sailors were the best I have ever raced against, especially the USA and the Maltese guy. The wind conditions on the first training day was 15-20knts in the morning with only the internationals training and 5-10 in the afternoon while training with the Bermudan’s as they finished school. The next day was the same but it was mostly 12-17knots.

The training had finished and I had spent most the time training and preparing for the regatta. While I was at home I usually played soccer and hockey with Sebastian or did homework with him as he usually had homework after school and so that I didn’t fall behind with my school work. Because my mum wasn’t staying with me she would usually be exploring the island with many different people that had come to the regatta from different countries.

The opening ceremony was small as there was only 30 sailors, we had lasagne for dinner at the club and I played tackle games and tip with the Bermuda sailors. It was lots of fun meeting new people.

The first day of the regatta was 15-20knts but it was still hot. It took ages to get out as the sailing course was ages away, that day I got a 5,7,6,8. I was very happy as I knew I was racing against some of the best in the world. We had dinner at the house and my mum was invited.

The next day it was about 13-18knts, I got a 4,4,2,8. I even lead one of the races and another I was 2nd and got a penalty. This put me in 4th position 14 points away from 3rd. I really wanted to catch up to 3rd but I was a long way away.

After racing I went to the beach with a few other Bermuda kids and had dinner at a seaside restaurant. When we were playing tip on the beach I got stung by a Portuguese man of war and had an allergic reaction. It is a type of poisonous jellyfish that can kill humans. I got rushed to the hospital and they got it out with shaving cream.

On the third day we had 3 races. It was the windiest day with 20knts average. I Placed a 7,4,9 this put me in 5th place but I was so close to 4th . My aim for the next day was to come 4th.

The last day was only one race and it was in the harbour where the senior gold cup is held. It was extremely light up to 4knts and I didn’t believe they would race us. It was a very slow race and they had to shorten the course, I didn’t have a very good race and I got an 11th. After the race me and Sebastian capsized each other’s boats as the regatta had finished. It was a very fun regatta and I had learnt a lot.

The presentation was good as we also got to watch the senior’s get their prizes, team Australia got 3rd place and I got 5th. I even got to meet the Australian team. After the presentation we went to the beach with everyone else, it had been a great experience and one of my favourite regattas. I feel very lucky to be chosen to represent Australia and my club RPAYC.

By Daniel Links 


Full Results: https://www.juniorgoldcup.com/  

Request from Archives - Navigator's Notebook

The club is looking for some back issues of ‘the Navigator’s Notebook’. Here is your opportunity to clean garrets, attics and garages to see if you have the following;

April 1972 vol. 1 No.3
July 1972 vol. 1 No. 6
August 1972 vol. 1 No. 7
September 1972 vol. 1 No. 8
December 1972 vol. 1 No 11
Jan. 1973 vol. 1 No 12
Feb1973 vol. 2 No. 1
March 1973 vol. 2 No.2
May 1973 to August 1973 Inc. vol. 2 No’s 4 to 7.
October and December  1973 , Jan 1974 vol. 2 Nos . 9 , 10 & 11
Feb 1974 – April 1974 Inc.  vol.3 No’s 2,3,4
Dec. 1974 vol. 3 no. 11
Feb. 1975 to April 1975 vol 4 no’s 1,2, and 2(SIC)
August 1980 vol.5 No. 1
October  1980 vol. 5 No.2
We will happily and  gratefully acknowledge all donations.”


Interclub Regatta - Intermediate Youth Development

The team of Ollie Gordon, Ellis Merrett , Bayley Taylor, Leah Brown & Jack Hildebrand represented the Intermediate Youth Development Program and the RPAYC at the Newcastle stage of the Interclub Regatta. The event was run in the Force 24 keelboats, racing in the Newcastle Harbour with a southerly that shifted 30’ left and right and ranged from 3 to 20 knots!

With four teams competing from their respective clubs, racing got underway. The RPAYC team spent a bit of time getting their head around sailing the new boat for the first couple of races. However a good start and first beat in the third race saw the team take a convincing win from start to finish.

Lots of mistakes and lessons where made/learnt by the team which made the day a success, as this is what these regattas are about. The team made the podium placing 3rd behind CYCA and RSYS respectfully. The RSYS had their senior squad competing, which made for some tough competition which our team relished, beating the RSYS in a few of the races.

A big thank you to the parents who made the long drive up and back, and dealt with a noisy car load!

Traffic Disruptions in Mitala Street - 5 June

Dear Members, 

Please be aware that traffic disruptions are expect on 5 June in Mitala Street between 7-5pm.

The construction company building the property at # 6-8 will be carrying out water supply construction works across Mitala Street on Tuesday 5th June, 2018 from outside No. 3 to No's 6 - 8. 
Traffic Control will be in operation and we ask for your patience during these works. 

Club Announcement - General Manager

Dear Member,
In the absence of the Commodore and Vice Commodore, I regret to advise that after 12 years, our General Manager, Suzanne Davies has resigned from her role to take up an opportunity to progress her career in the corporate sector.  Further information regarding her new role will be shared with members when her new employer has announced her appointment. 
Suzanne joined our Club in 2006 and was appointed to General Manager in 2007.  During her tenure Suzanne has achieved some great outcomes and milestones all of which she can be very proud of.  She has worked alongside and supported five Commodores and dozens of Directors and Elected Officers, she has effectively juggled the competing needs of members and built a dedicated and service focused staff team.   
Suzanne’s last day of work will be Friday 24 August.   In the meantime, the Board will consider the most appropriate way forward and will then conduct a thorough and rigorous recruitment process that will ensure that the Club attracts another progressive and dynamic leader to work with Elected Officers and continue to take the Club forward. 
While we are disappointed by her departure, I along with all Elected Officers congratulate Suzanne on her new and exciting opportunity and wish her every success.  We will make a time for a suitable send off and will advise in the coming weeks.
Yours sincerely
Jim Bullough
Chairman of the Board

Fletcher Walters gives us his latest tips Sailing and Bailing



Selden for Sailing Ice Breaker Series, Round 1

On Sunday the 20th May, The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club hosted the first round of the 2018 Seldén for Sailing Ice Breaker Series. With a very light and shifty Pittwater Westerly, the fleet of 66 boats braved the cool weather to enjoy a lovely crisp morning of sailing. 
The 2018 series has seen the introduction of 2 course areas and a multihull and monohull yardstick division which delivers meaningful results for a vast range of boat designs. Some new classes we haven't seen participate included the Contender dinghy, Nacra 15, F18, A class, Viper, RS Aero and RS 200. In the monohull division, the light breezes favoured the single handers whilst in the multihull division, the F18 delivered the most consistent results throughout the days racing. The competition was particularly close in both the Laser Radial and Optimist Open division, with only 1 point separating the first and second placings.
A big thank you to all volunteers who made racing possible. The full list of results can be viewed here.

There are still another three rounds of the 2018 Seldén for Sailing Ice Breaker remaining, so be sure to check out the race documentation and enter from this LINK.

Racing takes place on the third Sunday of each Winter month. The race dates remaining are as follows:
  • Round 2 - June 17.
  • Round 3 - July 22.
  • Round 4 - August 19.
The Seldén for Sailing Ice Breaker Series is the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club's Winter Dinghy Sailing Series. First warning signal is at 09:30 to capitalise on the Winter morning breezes. All done and dusted by 12:30 and finished off with a BBQ lunch and presentation and there's still time to get those assignments completed before school, work or uni on Monday!

The 2018 Seldén for Sailing Ice Breaker Series is a great event for beginners and seasoned competitors alike, with a Club Coach on hand to offer advice and guidance for all competitors. Be sure to enter online before the race day. 

RMYC Redevelopment and fuel wharf access changes

The RMYC has advised that they estimate their marina re-development will commence on Monday 25th June.  The RMYC would like to ensure that RPAYC Members are kept informed of the access changes specifically in relation to the fuel wharfs.  

The RMYC ‘outside’ fuel wharf will be out of operation for approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks starting from Monday 25th June 2018.  RPAYC members are encouraged to fuel boats on the outer wharf before Monday 25th June to avoid potential issues with access. See below

The inside fuel wharf will operate per normal trading hours for all types of fuel; Diesel, ULP, PULP and sewer pump out.  The Inside Fuel Wharf has both High and Low Flow Diesel Pumps.

The wharf is not floating but has been fitted with nylon protective strips to avoid any damage to boats and new dock lines are provided for securing vessels whilst being refuelled.



Boats less than 15 metres (50’) with a draft less than 1.5 metres can access the inside fuel wharf at any time.

Boats less than 15 metres (50’) with a draft more than 1.5 metres will need to consider the tide and if in doubt contact the RMYC Marina Office.

Boats larger than 15 metres (50’) can use the inside Fuel wharf, if skippers are competent in tight quarter manoeuvring and prior permission is sought by RMYC Dock Master (marina office) due to wharf availability and management of vessel traffic through the marina.


For further information or enquiries contact the RMYC Marina Office Telephone 9998 5588

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Club Berth & Hardstand Availability

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The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.

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