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16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

Flaky first day for MC38s in Winter Series Act 3

Media Release                                                                                                15 July 2017


Event: MC38 Winter Regatta Act 3, July 15-16, 2017 on Pittwater hosted by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

                                    Flaky first day for MC38s in Winter Series Act 3

For aflakyPittwater day with barely enough wind to pull off the schedule, there was plenty going on in the MC38 Winter Series act 3. Credit: Bob FowlerCredit: Bob Fowler

Half the fleet sailed an incorrect course in the opening race in light sou’west winds and two of those ran out of time to be scored. There were a number of start OCSs and umpire flags raised, and early series leader, Chris Way’s Easy Tiger, began famously with two wins on the trot then slipped to fourth overall due to spinnaker halyard issues and a resulting race three retirement.

Leslie Green’s Ginger, helmed by Julian Plante, put in a consistent effort - three thirds and a second - to be two points in front of John Bacon’s Dark Star at the end of racing in light winter northerlies on Saturday afternoon.

Colin Beashel, Ginger’s technician, said the only printable description of their outing is “interesting”.  “Someone shook the pointscore up! We thought we’d won that first race but found out we’d done an extra lap; then we were OCS in races two and three but managed to recover.

“Pittwater in winter is certainly an interesting playground though it wasn’t raining or too cold,” the multiple Olympic sailor added, wanting to be upbeat.

Offshore competitors season meeting, 22 July

Competitors looking to know more about home they can gain experience in offshore events and the schedule of events for the 2017/18 season are invited to attend a meeting on Saturday 22 July, 0930-1030hrs in the Admiral Cup room. 

The Agenda includes: 

BWPS Offshore program discussion

  • Gauge interest in the Club Marine Pittwater to Paradise Regatta.
  • Is there support for inclusion of a shorthanded or Womens offshore categories in the BWPS.  

SOPS / BB program discussion

  • Offshore regatta racing
  • Gauge support for introduction of Virtual marks (e.g. Long Reef & Terrigal)
  • Inclusion of crew lists for club events.

Ideas/feedback to reduce barriers to entry for Offshore events 

  • Eg: Is there Interest/Demand for bulk specials on SSSC. What other training needs are required/wanted. 


Vale John Lincoln (Jack) Gale

Dear Members, 

It is with very great sadness that we advise members that Jack Gale passed away peacefully at 12.15pm on Friday 8 July.  Jake Gale back on board Alfred's 1 for the 2017 Old Timers RaceJake Gale back on board Alfred's 1 for the 2017 Old Timers Race

It is exactly 2 years to the day since the passing of his beloved wife Joan and they will now be back in each other’s company forever. 

Our thoughts are naturally with Jack’s sons Geoff & Robbie at this time and their very close and loving family which they have welcomed so many of us to be a part of. 

Jack was a wonderful character who was loved by so many of the greater Alfred’s family and while we will mourn his passing, we will celebrate a wonderful and full life and remember the great contributions he made to the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club.   The Club cannot expect to ever have in the future, such a loyal, knowledgeable and conscientious servant and Life member. 

The Club and all its members, both past and present are blessed that Jack chose to dedicate his life to the Club and its members.  Whilst we will all miss him we will remember sharing his generosity of spirit, his knowledge and his wicked sense of humour. 

Jack’s farewell will be postponed to allow travelling family to return and join in the celebration of his life.  Details will be made available when finalised.  

Club Announcement

Members may be aware of the recent press release by the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay announcing that they will run an offshore race to Coffs Harbour on 27 December 2017.
For many years Coffs Harbour has proved a difficult destination for the popular first ocean race of the year with strong competition from holiday makers making it operationally challenging to accommodate vessels at the marina and crews when they arrive in Coffs. The limited facilities and assistance that the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club is able to provide also meant that The RPAYC expended additional resources on managing arrivals and land arrangements in Coffs Harbour. The devastating storms of June 2016 left us with little choice but to move the race to a Southport finish in January 2017.
It is our belief that the condition of the marina at Coffs Harbour still remains in a sub-standard state and the support that the CHYC is able to offer remains a risk in sending a larger quality ocean racing fleet to Coffs again in 2017/18 and after healthy deliberation the decision was taken to run another successful Pittwater to Paradise event on 2 January but with the option to consider a return to a Coffs Race at an alternative time of the year.
On receiving the news that our colleagues at the RMYC were intending to run the race on 27 December, Commodore Ian Audsley and Vice Commodore Michael Lockley sought a meeting with their counterparts and on Monday met with RMYC Commodore Chris Lee and Vice Commodore David Rogers of RMYC to express their concerns that this decision is not in the best interests of the sport and would likely diminish the fleet size for both races. The RMYC decision was based on the desire to accommodate their smaller cruising boats for such a race, with requests for that timing coming from the CHYC and the preference of the sponsor to run the race at this time.

It is the RPAYC view that it is in the best interests of the sport and sailors that the clubs on Pittwater unite and work together on combined clubs racing rather than to compete. In an effort to foster this view, The RPAYC had initiated conversations with RMYC regarding combined clubs Women’s and Blue Water Sailing. Knowing that RMYC were in discussions with Coffs Harbour Yacht Club our Club had advised that we would support their event by including it in our Blue Water Series if it was held at a suitable alternative time of the year. Similar discussions had been taking place with CHYC.
RMYC/CHYC have made the decision to put their event in direct competition with our Pittwater to Paradise event on 2 January and it is disappointing that these clubs have not been able to work with us on a more cohesive strategy in this instance, particularly in light of the support (personnel and assets) that our Club has provided to RMYC and CHYC over many years.
I would like to assure all our members and competitors that The RPAYC and Southport Yacht Clubs are totally committed to running another successful Pittwater to Paradise Regatta of the highest standard in all respects of race management, safety and hospitality both in Newport and Southport and hope that Members will support the investment in the Pittwater to Paradise Regatta.

Ian Audsley                        Michael Lockley
Commodore                       Vice Commodore

July 2017

Nexba for Melbourne to Osaka Double-Handed crusade

Sydney based John Bacon and one of his core MC38 and Melges crewmates David Sampson have linked up for their first Melbourne to Osaka Double-Handed Race in 2018, an epic 5,500 nautical mile ocean adventure aboard Bacon’s Class 40.

Designed by the French foiling guru Guillame Verdier and built in 2013 by FR Nautisme, the Class 40 was lightly raced in America until Bacon made his purchase late 2016 and had the boat shipped from Newport Rhode Island. It arrived in Sydney in March and was immediately rebranded in the striking orange of Nexba, the team’s major commercial sugar-free drink partner, and spent time at McConaghy Boats having the systems optimised.

Nexba Class 40 video

The boat was relaunched at Newport’s Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in April and with 263 days to the start next March the project team has a busy job list and training timeline to complete before delivering the boat to Melbourne and lining-up for the month-long ocean marathon.

The Osaka Race idea first crossed the skipper’s mind a decade ago: “It’s been on my radar for 10 years then when the announcement came out in November 2015 that the race was on again in 2018 I thought maybe I have the time and enough runway to get organised,” Bacon said.  

When he reached out to Sampson, a friend and core member of Bacon’s Dark Star MC38 crew, there was no hesitation: “I always try and challenge myself with the sailing I do,” Sampson said. “I’ve always enjoyed offshore sailing, something I’m doing less of, and in particular the preparation, putting the technical side of the boat together, getting the team together. I think I’ll come out of it a better sailor and better asset to the teams I sail with now. It might even move me into a different crew role.”

So why the Class 40? After weighing up converting an IRC boat Bacon felt he was better off buying something purpose-built and so Sampson headed overseas to follow up potential buys. “We had a look at a 60-footer and in the end we felt it was too ambitious doing our first two-hander in that size boat. During the process I became really interested in the Class 40, which has almost no recognition in Australia.

“They are a box rule; fast, safe and built for offshore sailing. For this race it’s also critical to have a boat capable of good light air performance and this one was available and had good potential. It has been very lightly campaigned; just one run and sitting idle ever since.”

The pair has been working closely with the Australian who has circumnavigated the globe three times under sail, Nick Moloney, and multiple Melbourne to Osaka and Volvo Ocean Race navigator Will Oxley who is coaching them in navigation and weather routing.

The duo plan to compete with the minimum six crew in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s July Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race, then sail two-up for the return leg.

On March 1, 2018, the first Melbourne to Osaka start, the slower boats begin their 5,500nm quest, the equivalent of eight back-to-back Sydney Hobart Yacht Races. The next batch head off on March 25, the main start likely to include Nexba, and finally the fastest boats start on April 1.

April 25 is the earliest arrival date slated by organisers the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, Sandringham Yacht Club and Hokko Yacht Club in Osaka, Japan. The race record is held by the 50-footer Wild Thing, skippered in 1995 by Grant Wharington and Scott Gilbert in a time of just under 26 days 21 hours.

Nexba takes its name from an Australian brand leading the naturally sugar-free movement, something Bacon and Sampson strongly support. Through their debut Osaka challenge they are also raising awareness and money for the Integrated Disabled Sailing (IDS) program at Nexba’s home club, the RPAYC, and the DEBRA Australia charity which supports families living with the disease Epidermolysis bullosa.

While he and Sampson prepare for the approaching adventure Bacon reflects: “We both realise it’s a big event, a long event, and it requires a lot of skills just to get to the start line let alone finish and be competitive. We’ll have to learn when to send the boat and when to look after it; it’s a marathon after all.

“For the last four years we’ve been racing MC38 hard with no thought at all for longevity. This is going to be a lot more strategic, a highly thoughtful game of chess.”

Handy links:

Nexba racing Facebook page
Melbourne Osaka Cup official site
Melbourne Osaka Facebook page

Cast Off by Above & Beyond Boating

Do you find there is an overwhelming amount of advice to boat owners and you are a bit unsure about what information is most appropriate for you? 

Have you found you are not using the boat as much as you had anticipated you would?
Do you have a boat that should be very capable of coastal adventures but find you are not actually going on them?
Do you find owning a boat can be sometimes stressful? Having a structured training program for you and your boat can have an extremely powerful effect on your confidence and competence to start using the boat regularly and safely. 

Thousands of boat owners have benefited from our tailored training seminars, attributing a big part of their confidence to the strategies learnt in these sessions.

Cast-off is the latest training program developed and delivered by Above & Beyond Boating. 

This workshop is aimed at developing key skippering skills for boat owners who are ready to take their skills and their boat on a new adventure. Cast-off is a popular half-day intensive seminar where you will create and implement a pathway for achieving your boating dreams.

New speed record around Gotland

2017-07-03 ÅF Offshore Race

Greetings from a Sunny Stockholm.

CQS and the Big Boat Racing Team is now ready to do battle in Sweden with 250 boats in the AF Offshore Race which was formerly known as the Gotland Runt.Credit: Oskar KihlborgCredit: Oskar Kihlborg

It is the 80th anniversary of the race and we are chasing linehonours and hoping to break the record we set in 1997 with Nicorette 3 which still stands.

Our main competition is a 100 footer called Huyndai and some other quite extreeme smaller boats.

We are representing RPAYC and proud of it. Follow CQS and the team here http://race.ksss.se/sv/AFOR/Boatpage/?reportId=213

After here we head to the UK for Cowes week and Rolex Fastnet Race.

Best regards


Ludde Ingvall and his crew of 100-footer CQS set a new speed record in ÅF Offshore Race / Round Gotland when he shot at Sandhamn on Monday evening. Twenty years after he set the previous lap record around Gotland he hit back.

CQS was the first to finish - but it will take an additional day before the final winner of the ÅF Offshore Race 2017, the adjusted time, can be run.

Ludde had at 21:19:23 on it, but crossed the line already at 20:51:35 and thus took a superior line females and new speed record for monohulls. The record for multihulls, the Swedish trimaran HiQ.

The recipe to be the fastest ever from Stockholm flow, around Gotland and back to Sandhamn? Build a stunning, hundred-foot-long super-maxi in Australia is packed with the latest technology race, sailing since childhood, building a team of sailors who find every meter of the race counts, take the boat across the globe. Sail on top of yours, the crew and the boat's capability.

- I am very happy. The wind died and we were stuck one hour at Alma and thought we would not make it. But you'll be lucky too. The wind came and we were able to cross the finish line about 20 minutes before the deadline, says a satisfied Ludde Ingvall just after the finish.   

Club Marine East Coast Bluewater Pointscore Series dates announced

The Club Marine East Coast Blue Water Pointscore Series (BWPS) is the The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club’s premier offshore Series, conducted along the east coast of Australia between September and April, which now includes the new Club Marine Pittwater to Paradise Regatta.

The 2017-18 Series begins with a Pittwater to Bird Island return race, which is situated north of Norah Head off the Budgewoi Peninsula and raced under Australian Sailing Category 3 requirements.

The Series format sees a wide range of Bluewater offshore conditions with distances ranging from 18 to 370 nautical miles and a mixture of Category 2 overnight races and Category 3 daylight races.  This diversity means it is a fantastic learning and training tool for any skipper or crew new to offshore racing and enjoyable for seasoned veterans who seek variety in their racing.  Many crews have used the Series to prepare themselves for taking on the diverse conditions of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

“Those who enter this series have the flexibility to do one or all the races and the Club will ensure that each team will have the best support possible to get the most from their racing.” said Brendan Rourke RPAYC Sailing Manager.

The preparation and training involved with ocean racing is a massive undertaking and skippers are sometimes left scratching their heads in how to go about preparing their team.  Neil Driscoll who runs Above and Beyond Boating can’t speak highly enough of the RPAYC Blue Water Series. 

“No one wants to go out go into a big race and sail for four days to come last.  The Blue Water Point Score Series prepares teams to work together to achieve better results.  July is a perfect time to start setting up for Southport.  It allows your team to acquire the certified training for the category upgrades and also prepares the boat and team for the start of the sailing season.” said Driscoll.

The Club Marine East Coast BWPS offers a variety of scoring options including Performance Handicapping and the ever popular fixed Ratings of IRC and ORCi categories which dominate the offshore scene.

Pre Worlds Training, sees Costanzo take second place in the Shelving Systems Match Racing Cup

Lead by Skipper Clare Costanzo, a club Youth Development Squad Team took the opportunity to maximise their pre training lead up for the World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship to be held in the United States in July by competing in the CYCA Shelving Systems Match Racing one day regatta this weekend. 

They were joined by the teams of Grimes, Gundy and Olivieri (CYCA), Mitch Evans (RSYS), Thomas Steenson (NCYC) and Fergus Abbott (RSYS) for the Shelving Systems sponsored event.

For many the weekend’s Match Cup was an opportunity to get as much match racing regatta experience as possible before teams travel to Darwin later next week for the inaugural Northern Territory match racing event, the Darwin International Youth Match Racing Championship.

Costanzo picked up valuable practise time before next month’s Governor’s Cup and Youth Match Racing World Championship in Los Angeles, CA.

Both the RPAYC and CYCA teams had an incredible fight in each of their four matches. Costanzo got the better of Grimes in the final flight of the round robin to top the leader board, scraping off her penalty seconds before taking the gun. The all-female team carried this momentum into the finals and won Race 1 after inflicting a penalty on Grimes in the pre-start.

The CYCA team, with Zach McNamee competing in his first ever match race regatta, bounced back to penalise the RPAYC team in Race 2 of the finals to take a comfortable win. The final, winner-takes-all race, again saw a penalty on the RPAYC team but a tight windward leg with the CYCA leading, confusion on what top mark to round then saw RPAYC sail the wrong course, gifting the CYCA the win and Grimes, his first match racing title. Lessons learnt by Costanzo that will only strength her and the team for future events.

The umpire team lead by Simon Barrington and the Race Committee lead by Stephen Merrington. With ideal conditions on Sydney Harbour the team were able to complete the full regatta format consisting on a round robin and finals series working together well to keep up with the shifts and course changes, keeping the races rolling to get all flights completed before the 1530hrs deadline.

Follow the action of this years Youth Development Squads on Facebook.

RPAYCs Intermediate Youth Development Team wrapped up their Inter-club series

RPAYCs Intermediate Youth Development Team wrapped up their Interclub series on Sunday with the final round of the four round Interclub Series at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.  

The series was created in 2001 as a way to help identify & build youth sailors experience in fleet racing events whom participate in youth sailing programs at Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club, The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. It consists of four regattas at each club with up to 2 teams from each club competing in a maximum of 24 races throughout the series.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club kicked off this year’s series with the locals dominating the opening regatta to set the early pace, taking out 1st place for the day and lead the series into the Sydney events. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club hosted the second event, with RSYS claiming the ‘boat of the day’ prize but the consistency of the two CYCA teams, rounding out the two final podium places, saw them take the ‘Club of the Day’ award as well as the overall lead in the series.

Regatta two saw the CYCA backing up strongly although it was the RSYS who took out the top spot for the day. With another powerful performance by the RSYS teams, they also claimed the ‘Club of the Day’ award and snuck into the overall lead in the series by a single point from the CYCA who finished 2nd and 4th on the day.

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Coach vs Student in the final of the David Lukins Memorial Regatta

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Hit the Road Jack – Sailing Royalty Farewells its King

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The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, farewelled one of Pittwater & Sydney’s all-time great sailors and much loved Club Life Member, Jack Gale, on Thursday 14th September 2017.With close to...

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RPA Youth Team WIN, CYCA Youth Sailing Academy’s 2017 Marinassess Women’s Match Racing Regatta

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Special Guest Colonel Richard Mallet to present at the Sesqi Gala Dinner

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Medal race line-up decided after Day 2 of no racing at Finn Gold Cup

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Life & Senior Members Luncheon

09 Sep 2017

Friday saw the sesquicentenial celebration of the Life and Seniors Luncheon held with over 230 members attending the event. Commodore Lockley welcomed all especially seven of the clubs 8 Life Members...

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