16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106   Tel: 61 2 9998 3700


16 Mitala Street, Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 61 2 9998 3700

Cruising Events


Coming Events

Sat/Sun 18/19 Nov - Dangar Island  - see EOI in Cruising Newsletter

Friday 1 December - First Friday

Sat/Sun 2/3 December - Estuary Cruise Patonga

See Christmas Cruise Expressions of Interest link below.

For all the details of the RPAYC Mariner Mallorca Yacht Rally 2018 see HERE                            

  When attending all Club cruises please have your radio on and tuned to Ch16/77 so that you hear of any changes to cruise plans.  The Cruise Coordinator will use Ch77 'calling all Alfreds Yachts' .  If you have any doubts about a cruise going ahead please check with the Cruise Coordinator or with Reception.

Members are reminded to fly their Club burgee at all Club on water cruising events.  A burgee is available for purchase at Reception.

December First Friday

 Progressive Christmas Dinner


on the First Friday Form

   RPAYC Christmas Giving Tree   

From Friday 1 December for two weeks all members - and guests! - may contribute to the Club Christmas Giving Tree.  
A tree will be set up in Halyards for First Friday and gifts may include toys, non-perishables and gift vouchers.

Its best not to beautifully wrap your gift as they need to be unwrapped to check on safety etc.

Just place in a gift or brown bag, or simply add unwrapped.  If you wish to contribute a voucher - please hand to Reception and clearly identify that it is for the Giving Tree.
All gifts will be distributed to local organisations supporting children and families in need. 

So far contact has been made with Bear Cottage, the Manly Warringah Resource Centre (Womens' Refuge) and Royal Far West.

Expressions of Interest    
Post Christmas Cruise 2017/2018   

We are seeking your expression of interest for the Christmas Cruise
so that we have an idea of numbers for NYE and other events.
You will not need to make a firm commitment until closer to the time - but please let us know your thoughts.

This year we will enjoy the Harbour - with NYE at Woolwich Pub and other harbour activities and locations - and then sail south to take in Port Hacking and possibly Jervis Bay.
Keep this in your diary and plan to enjoy your sailing with others over a couple of weeks of the New Year.
Please complete the form HERE
To give you an idea of the distances and timings for this cruise see details HERE.
Thanks from your Cruise Committee
      Coming Estuary Cruises       

From September - as the weather warms up - Cruise Committee will be back to arranging two cruises each month.

Sat/Sun 2/3 December

Estuary Cruise

A Walk at Patonga

Overnight at Patonga or America Bay depending on conditions.
Full details with all arrangements will be in the next newsletter

Cruise Coordinators are Greg and Margaret Dunstan on 'Heavens Gate'

   Cruising Tip for November


Stern-to Berthing made simple...  

In this video Neil Driscoll shares a simple solution to making stern-to berthing much simpler, whether you have a crew or you are sailing single handed. 

Docking a vessel can be difficult and potentially dangerous, which is why you should choose the right solution for your boat and crew for hassle free docking. 

You can download a guide to springing off the dock on the webpage here:

With thanks to Above and Beyond Boating




Sesquicentenary Coral Coast Cruise 2017

 Follow the CC17 cruise boats on our

closed facebook page Alfreds Cruising - for members only - to see some great posts.



RPAYC Mariner Mallorca Yacht Rally 2018

Book before 3rd August 2017 and receive an exclusive RPAYC member discount of $500 per person.

Mallorca Yacht Rally 2018 Sail around Mallorca with RPAYC and Mariner Boating Holidays on this guided sailing tour

App for Marine Rescue NSW

You can log on/off using the app once you are registered. A great step forward for all cruising sailors. Read all about it HERE.

Pittwater Weather

Did you know that several new weather stations have been put in place around Pittwater and information is available to all boaties to know the local conditions.  Read about it HERE.

Old Flare Disposal

There have been some  queries about the disposal of old flares. This link to RMS is helpful.

News Items

BOM changng rain terminology - On Thursday 9 October 2014 the Club was advised by the BOM that they are changing how they talk about rain on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website to help people make sense of rain forecasts.   This will affect both land and marine forecasts.

Coastal and local waters forecasts routinely provide mariners with information about winds, seas, swell and, only when significant, a phrase describing the expected weather, i.e. thunderstorms, fog or heavy rain.

From next week, the BOM are making marine forecasts more useful for people planning to spend the day on the water by routinely adding more information about the expected weather. Instead of just including significant weather information, such as thunderstorms or fog, they will include whether it will be sunny, cloudy or rainy.

See also:   http://bom.is/rain-terminology

A Matter of Importance   -  Participants are reminded that fending off with hands, arms, feet or legs is no substitute for a fender - and can be very dangerous. Fending off from any immovable object, such as wharves and piles, has similar potential for injury.  Caution should also be taken when using the anchor winch as accidents with fingers can also happen with the chain.

Club Courses   Courses are running soon.  See all the details HERE. Contact the Sailing Office for more info.

What is an RPAYC Estuary Cruise?

Unless the weekend is called a Rally we sail to the destination in our own time arriving at any time on the first day - but generally before 4pm to 4.30pm if possible. There is always a get together over a few drinks that evening and you will be advised of the location by the Cruise Co-ordinator when you arrive or soon after. At drinks you should bring your own glasses, drinks, nibbles etc. If you do become a 'host' boat you are not expected to feed people or provide anything - people bring whatever they need. Other activities at a weekend away may include;

  •   a 'pot luck' dinner (when you take 'pot luck' with your dinner companions and the food that everyone puts in the middle of the table - this is usually arranged 'out of hat' or organised in some random way!
  •   a morning tea gathering - again BYO unless advised otherwise!
  •   a kayak expedition
  •   a dinghy exploration
  •   or anything else that anyone wants to organise!

Some locations have lots of moorings - eg Refuge or America Bay -and others have just a few moorings - such as Smiths Creek. You should be prepared to anchor having due respect to those already anchored or moored. Boats head home in their own time on Sunday - often after sharing casually arranged morning tea with others. Some may stay on for an extra evening if they are lucky!

Seminars All documents from past seminars are on the Club website and are very well worth downloading HERE - they are extensive and make great reference material - you need to login.

RPAYC Cruising Strategic Plan   Cruise Committee has agreed a Strategic Plan to focus on objectives to develop cruising activity within the Club. You can dowload this document HERE.

Life Jacket Regulations - There are recent updates to requirements for wearing life jackets This is an important matter for all cruising sailors including kayaks and tenders. See a summary on the Club website below:

The following new requirements are relevant to many members:

In vessels less than 4.8m all persons must wear a lifejacket:

  • at night
  • on open (ocean) waters
  • on alpine waters
  • when boating alone
  • when the boat is used as a tender more than 400 metres from shore

Persons in canoes/kayaks must wear a lifejacket when greater than 100 metres from an accessible shore in sheltered waters, and at all times in ocean waters.

NSW Maritime defines safety equipment requirements in terms of Enclosed and Open waters, with additional requirements if you are more than two miles offshore.
For Pittwater, the Enclosed Waters limit is a bit of a moving target. It is always south of a line between Barrenjoey and West Head but may extend to Middle Head when waves are less than half a meter trough to crest.
The implication of these limits is that on a typical summer’s day when the nor’easter kicks in during the afternoon a trip back from Halletts Beach to the Club will include passage through Open Waters and your vessel will need to carry the appropriate equipment for this classification - this is a NSW Maritime requirement.

Details of the requirements and an explanation of the changes may be found in this report. Click to download



The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels.

There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.

Membership, including family membership is now available.

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